Visit Indonesia : Manado Scenery

Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi Province.

Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado view from the air View in the morning Sunset view from Malalayang Street

Gangga Island ( Pulau Gangga ) Located on the northern of Sulawesi island. Approximately 1.5 hours drive from Manado. The good beaches in the south of the island. But this beach area was owned by a resort, so we have to ask permission to the security if you want surrounding on this beach (unless we stay there). Lehaga Island ( Pulau Lehaga ) This island not far from Gangga Island Port of Kema and Batu Nona Beach Atmosphere in this place is silent. You can see only the fisherman who were working. If you walking to the hills, you can find the beautiful view behind the hill. There is beufiful beach : Batu Nona Beach. Tinggian Beach ( Pantai Tinggian ) Have beautiful cliffs and rocks

Ranowangko Beach ( Pantai Ranowangko )

Lalumpe Beach ( Pantai Lalumpe )

Grassland in Kamenti ( Padang rumput di Kamenti )

Kora Kora Beach ( Pantai Kora Kora )

Kali Waterfall ( Air Terjun Kali )

Located in Pineleng Sub-district ( Kecamatan Pineleng ), which lies between the city of Manado and Tomohon.

From the entrance to the waterfall is quite far. Path to the waterfall has been made stairs.

Manado laso have the tomb of Tuanku Imam Bonjol ( Indonesia hero in Dutch colonial era )

Tincep Waterfall ( Air Terjun Tincep )

Located in the village of Tincep, sub-district of Sonder ( Kecamatan Sonder ), west of Tondano.

Near by the waterfall, there is a village which each house filled with flowers.

Linow Lakes ( Danau Linow )

Located between Tondano and Tomohon.

The place is pretty well maintained, clean, and tidy. There is a terrace of restaurant to sit enyoying the lake.

The color of water is light green, with variations of yellow and blue. Green and yellow color comes from brimstone which came out from the bottom of lake.

Tondano Lake ( Danau Tondano )

Lakon Mountain ( Gungung Lakon )

A good time to enjoy the beauty of mountain Lakon is in the morning, when the weather si sunny. Because in afternoon it will be shrouded by fog and overcast.

The best location to view Lakon mountain is in Lakon Resort and Doa Hill.

View form Lakon Resort :

View from Doa Hill :

Mahawu Mountain ( Gunung Mahawu )

Similiar to Tangkuban Perahu mountain in West Java.

Siladen Island ( Pulau Siladen )

Visible in the distance Bunaken Island and Manado Tua Mountain Island ( Pulau Gunng Manado Tua )

Bunaken National Park

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